What is The Next Thing?

I do not know. That’s the central conceit of the whole publication. After losing my full-time job to COVID restructuring in higher education, I’m teaching part-time, editing, writing, and wondering what the next thing will be. Follow my adventures and misadventures in reinvention both personal and professional. I hope you’ll subscribe, share, like, and comment.

Who is writing this stuff?

My name is Beth; nice to meet you! I’m a writer, editor, and teacher of the aforementioned with a crazy quilt of a professional resume. My writing projects have included software user manuals, magazine features for people who travel with their dogs, a season of the PBSKids show SuperWhy! and durn near everything in between. My essays have been featured in Brain, Child magazine and I’ll link them here when their new parent organization Creative Nonfiction gets some problems with the archives worked out.

What’s in it?

PERSONAL ESSAYS from a middle-aged, newly relocated, emptyish-nest-having accidental semi-retiree; INTERVIEWS with smart people about hitting the restart button; LISTS OF THINGS THAT MAKE LIFE BETTER: books, podcasts, tv shows, etc.; Dogs, knitting, gardening, and MY OCCASIONAL TAKE ON CURRENT EVENTS; And content as yet uncategorized. Subscribe and you won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox.

How often will you pester me with this?

Just once a week. I’ll publish content regularly and would be delighted if you’d check in daily, but I know my inbox does not need one more thing clogging up the various folders; yours probably doesn’t either. So I’ll only email once a week.

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